Nutrition and dietetics services

We operate two services within Berkshire: Children’s and Young People’s Integrated Therapy (CYPIT) Specialist Dietetics, and Community Nutrition and Dietetic Services.

CYPIT Specialist Dietetics

Our CYPIT Specialist Dietetics team works with children and families with complex health and developmental needs.

We work across Berkshire in partnership with Community Children’s Nursing teams to provide dietetic support to all children receiving enteral feeding (non-oral) as a method to support a good nutritional intake and adequate growth.

We work in special schools to support pupils who have a range of issues affecting their eating and drinking, and their families, carers and school staff.

We also work collaboratively with other therapy services, such as Specialist Eating and Drinking Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists.

Examples of the children our service covers are:

  • All children fed enterally or jejunally (tube fed) either for all or some of their nutritional intake
  • Children who attend special schools and who have eating and drinking issues, such as faltering growth and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) related eating issues
  • Children who are making very selective food choices that may be affecting their nutritional status

Our CYPIT Specialist Dietetics teams are based at:

  • Upton Hospital, Fir Tree House for East Berkshire ( Slough, South Bucks, Maidenhead, Windsor, Ascot and Bracknell) children
  • London Road Campus, University of Reading for West Berkshire, Reading and Wokingham children

Appointments are offered at relevant specials school or at your child’s home, nursery or respite care setting. When you have an appointment with the specialist dietician, your child’s nutritional intake will be assessed, along with other issues affecting it. We’ll work with you to develop a dietetic plan. This appointment might be with just the dietician, or jointly with other relevant CYPIT staff, or your paediatric consultant or community children’s nurse.

Community Nutrition and Dietetic Services

Our Community Nutrition and Dietetic Services team provides outpatient clinic support for children, and their families/carers, who need support and advice with their nutritional intake to promote good growth and or help manage a clinical diagnosis.

Examples of areas our team covers are:

  • Fussy eating and food refusal
  • Faltering growth related to poor intake
  • Allergy advice

We cover Berkshire and work as two locality based teams to cover East Berkshire and West Berkshire areas.

Our teams are based in several locations across the localities, but the central point of contact for the service is based at West Berkshire Community Hospital.

When you come for an appointment, you’ll be seen by the dietitian who’ll assess your child’s nutritional intake and review issues affecting it. You’ll be given advice and an agreed plan to help manage these issues. This appointment will usually be with a Dietitian alone and will happen in a variety of settings across the county.

CYPIT Specialist Dietetics

Referrals for Specialist CYPIT Dietetics should be made by a healthcare professional through our HealthHub:

Complete our online referral form

If you’re transferring a child into our area who is already receiving enteral nutrition, please contact the relevant dietetic team as below:

Berkshire East: 01753 635073

Berkshire West: 0300 3654000

Community Nutrition and Dietetic Services

Referrals for Community Dietetics should be made by a healthcare professional using the referral form below.

Berkshire East Community Dietetics: 01753 636724

Berkshire West Community Dietetics: 01635 273710


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