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Crying in babies

At the moment, being in lockdown, everything is magnified isn’t it? We recognise that the normal support parents have from friends and extended family when a new baby comes into the mix is completely different. Whether your baby is brand new or been with you for a few months, crying for a long period of time is really draining and it can be quite exhausting trying to work out why they’re crying.

Babies do cry for lots of different reasons, it’s working out which of the reasons is right, and that can be so difficult when you add sleep deprivation to the mix! Generally we look at whether they:

  • Are hungry
  • Have wet or dirty nappies
  • Have a windy tummy or colic or even reflux
  • Are too cold or too warm
  • Just need a cuddle

Once you’ve worked out the reason for the cry, it can be pretty quick to soothe that need or fix that nappy to ensure they’re content and happy again. If they continue to cry, back to the drawing board. Parenting is trial and error all the way through.

If you are concerned that your baby is crying in a different way or can’t be soothed by meeting their needs, it’s fine to just walk away for a few minutes. Make sure your baby is somewhere safe, like in their cot or on the floor and take a couple of minutes out to take a deep breath and try again. Remember your baby is trying to tell you something and although it would be easier if they came with a manual, that’s not part of the deal.

Check out the ICON website - they've put together some really great advice on how to cope. Check out their video below about taking a break when it's all getting too much.


If you are worried that your baby is unwell, then you need to call your GP or call 111 for more help.

Don’t forget the Health Visiting service can be contacted on the duty line. For more information please head to our Health Visiting pages

There is also a great website called Cry-sis you can visit that has lots of information as well as a helpline.


About the author

Kirstie is the Professional Development Lead Health Visiting and Infant Feeding Lead for Berkshire Healthcare