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Your Baby and you

If you're pregnant or have a child under the age of 4, you could be eligible for the NHS Healthy Start scheme. This means you could be entitled to a discount on vegetables, fruit, milk, infant formula milk, pulses and Healthy Start vitamins.  To find out more, visit the Healthy Start website


We run a number of clinics including an antenatal group for those expecing a baby, and Well Baby and breastfeeding clinics for after your baby is born. Theses are all free. Find out more under the 'Clinics' section on our Health Visiting service page.

Contact the Health Visiting service

If you have a child aged 0-5 and could do with some advice, you can text a member of the health visiting team in confidence using our ChatHealth service.

Perhaps you have some worries about breastfeeding or bottle feeding, child development, toileting, sleep, behaviour, parenting, food and nutrition, or their health.

Send a text to 07312 263283 and we’ll text you back to chat.

ChatHealth is available if you live in Bracknell, Wokingham, Reading or West Berkshire. Please see our Health Visiting page for who to contact if you live in these areas.

Please note, ChatHealth is not used for professionals. Please see our Health Visiting page for details of how to contact us.

ChatHealth is a text service only and has successfully supported to date over 2,500 families. We appreciate it is a new and different way of contacting our Health Visiting team and ask that you bear with us while we adapt to using this service. Texting can be an easier way for us to be able to provide you with links and websites that will further support and reassure you with whatever your concerns are.