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About our therapy services

We are an integrated therapy team providing occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech and language therapy for children and young people throughout Berkshire.

How was your care? 

Please tell us about the care you received from us. All your comments are really important to us and will help us to improve the service you receive. Please visit the iWantGreatCare website and choose 'Children's Therapy Services'. Thank you.

If you need to talk to us in another language please email cypittriage2@berkshire,nhs,uk

Our therapy teams work together with your family, education staff and other relevant professionals to gain an insight into how we can help in the most effective way. This website has lots of information about how to support children and young people in their everyday life. You may find that this helps you to support your child in the first instance. 

Our service will look different depending on your child’s individual needs. Some children and young people will require little contact with the therapy services, others may need ongoing contact. Whatever the need, we will discuss the next steps and together create a plan that is meaningful for you and your child.  

We will also discuss with you if: 

  • Our intervention is no longer helping your child to change 
  • You can now manage your child’s needs without our help 
  • The timing for our intervention isn’t right for your child 

Working with those closest to the child/young person, together we identify how their difficulties impact everyday life and their plans for their future.  
This may include: 

  • Discussions with children/young people, families and educational settings to identify what is working well and what are the challenges  
  • Agreeing goals that are meaningful for the child/young person 
  • Providing advice, training and/or direct input for families and educational settings to support the child or young person 
  • Recommending changes/adaptations within the child or young person’s familiar environments 
  • Advice on specialist equipment eg walkers, writing aids and communication aids  


Occupational therapy

We support children and young people to perform everyday activities, become as independent as possible, and interact with others and the world around them. 

The children who use our service find things like dressing, feeding, handwriting, socialising and play difficult. This could be due to a problem with their fine motor skills, coordination skills, perception skills and/or sensory processing (the ability to make sense of the world around them). We also provide advice, and recommendations for equipment such as splints, sensory strategies, adapted cutlery, writing aids, specialist seating and switches. 


We support children and young people to help them to become as independent as possible, reducing the impact physical development and mobility issues have on their everyday life.  

We will work with you to help to develop gross motor skills, and provide advice on postural needs, mobility (including walking) and specialist equipment such as seating, standing equipment, mobility aids and splints. 

Speech and language therapy

We support children and young people to understand what is being said to them, express themselves and produce the sounds needed for clear speech. In some cases, speech and language therapists also work to help children with their eating and drinking. 

We can also help with social communication skills and interacting with others, as well as specific conditions such as stammering or hearing impairment. 

Visit the service page relevant to your needs for details of how to contact us regarding occupational therapy, physiotherapy, or speech and language therapy.

As well as the services offered by our therapy teams, there are alternative services and groups running in your local area. These are good sources of information and ideas to help you support your child’s development, especially in the early years. These are likely to include your child’s nursery, local children’s centre or local library. Take a look at the Local Offer for your area.

If your child/young person is already known to our service and you have a query, concern, or need advice, or you need to cancel/re-arrange a scheduled appointment, please call your local administration team: