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Hearing and Balance

Especially for babies and young children, the ability to hear is important for understanding the world around them. It is also extremely important for the normal development of their speech. Hearing problems in children might not always be obvious, and their ability to hear may appear to change depending on their environment.

We provide audiological assessment and care for all children from newborn to school-leaving age living in the East Berkshire catchment area.

We also provide care for children with complex and multiple disabilities, children who are difficult to assess for whatever reason, and children who might be at increased risk of developing a permanent hearing impairment.

The work of our team is continuing and we are continuing to offer a range of face to face and remote appointments.

Depending on your needs, this could include:

  • an online video consultation, similar to a Skype or WhatsApp call
  • consultation over the phone
  • professional advice on how to manage your own care

If you are an existing hearing aid patient you are still able to obtain batteries and hearing aid repairs by contacting us on 0300 365 6222 (calls charged at local rate) or by emailing  

Please could all hearing aid patients take extra care of their hearing aids as the repairs will have a longer turnaround time than usual.  

Most appointments are offered at King Edward VII Hospital in Windsor and St Mark’s hospital in Maidenhead, although some less complex and more routine appointments can be performed at Upton Hospital in Slough and Skimped Hill Health Centre in Bracknell.

We work closely with other professionals including Ear Nose and Throat Consultants, Teachers of the Hearing impaired, Specialist Speech and Language Therapists, Pediatricians and Social Services to provide a high quality and integrated service to children, young people and their families. 

Our aim is to evaluate your child's hearing levels and identify if they have any hearing difficulties. For children under six months it is usually best if your child is asleep at the time of testing, because at that age they are usually too young to show reliable responses to the sounds that they hear. Over six months of age, most children are usually able to look for sounds; so we are able to teach them that when they look for a sound they are given a visual reward. Older children (usually from around two and a half to three years old and over) are taught games to play which involve responding when they hear a noise.

Tests will be chosen based upon observation of the child in clinic as well as information supplied by the parent/guardian and referrer. It is our aim to identify the nature, degree and extent of any potential hearing problem as soon as we can. Sometimes this might need to be done over a number of sessions so that we can gather as much accurate information as we can.

For more information on hearing tests please see the Self-help section below.

Some children experience temporary hearing loss caused by congestion behind the ear drum, which is commonly known as glue ear. At your appointment we will talk with you about the impact this may have on your child and how best to manage it. See the NHS conditions guide for more information.

Fitting hearing aids is an important part of our service. Hearing aids for permanent or temporary hearing losses can be fitted to children of any age. We’re also involved with the Newborn Hearing Screening program and can fit appropriate hearing aids to babies as young as two or three months old. See NHS choices for more information.

NHS hearing aids and hearing aid batteries use up-to-date digital technology and are provided free on the NHS and can come in a range of colours.

Our team has many years’ experience in testing and fitting hearing aids to babies and young children. The way we fit hearing aids is based on research, government and NDCS guidelines so you know we're giving you and your child the best possible care. Getting hearing aids can be daunting but we are here to help you, and there are lots of resources to help you and your child understand what is involved in having hearing aids. See the NDCS information for families guide for more information.

Hearing aids and hearing aid batteries are provided free on the NHS and are all up-to-date digital technology.

If we have found that your child has a permanent hearing loss, we will discuss with you what impact this is likely to have on your child. We will talk with you about how we can best provide audiological/hearing aid support and rehabilitation appropriate for your child and family, we will also signpost to any other services that may be of help to you.

If you have any concerns about your child’s hearing, ask your GP or Health Visitor for a referral to our Paediatric Audiology team. 

Contact details:

Berkshire Hearing and Balance Service

Paediatric Audiology Service

King Edward VII Hospital

St Leonard's Road




Phone: 0300 365 6222 (calls charged at local rate)

There are lots of useful websites with lots of information on hearing loss in children, including:

Hearing tests

NDCS information on hearing tests

Infant hearing test: YouTube video by University of Canterbury

Play audiometry test: YouTube video by NHS Forth Valley

Permanent hearing loss

My Baby has a hearing loss - what next? YouTube video by Evelina Centre at Guy's St Thomas' guide for parents of newly diagnosed children

My Baby has a Hearing Loss: National Deaf Children's Society booklet for newly diagnosed children


Classroom strategies

NDCS guide: How to teach your child to understand pragmatic speech

NDCS 11 tips for communicating with a deaf child


Hearing aids


NDCS: Hearing Aids- Information for Families

Hearing aids for children

Speech and language developmental milestones information

Talking Point: understanding children's communication

Our information on babbling and speech sound development may be useful in helping to understand your child's developmental milestones.


Specialist local services helping with permanent hearing loss

Berkshire Sensory Consortium

Buckinghamshire Specialist Teaching Services

Berkshire Healthcare Speech and language therapy service

Berkshire Healthcare Community Paediatrics service


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