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Specialist Dietetics

Our children, young people and families dietitians works across Berkshire to support children with complex health and developmental needs.

If you are looking for our Community Nutrition and Dietetics service for your child, please visit the Berkshire Healthcare website (opens in new window).

We support:

  • Children receiving enteral feeding to ensure sufficient nutritional intake and adequate growth
  • Children in special schools who may need nutritional support to optimise growth and development
  • Children who have a very restricted diet or nutritional deficiencies 

We work collaboratively with families, schools, paediatricians and other therapy services such as community children’s nurses, specialist eating and drinking, speech and language therapists and occupational therapists to provide care to children and their families.

Appointments are offered at relevant special schools or at your child’s home, nursery or respite care setting. When you have an appointment with the specialist dietician, your child’s nutritional intake will be assessed, along with other issues affecting it. We’ll work with you to develop a dietetic plan. This appointment might be with just the dietician,  jointly with other relevant staff, or your paediatric consultant or community children’s nurse. 

We accept referrals from any relevant healthcare practitioner. 

When making a referral, please provide details of the child or young person’s height, weight and change in weight centiles over the last six months. 

Please note we do not accept referrals for weight management. For useful information and advice please visit the Eating, allergies and healthy lifestyle page

Children who are enteral fed

Please complete the home enteral feeding (HEF) referral form.

Children attending a special school with nutritional or eating issues that are affecting their growth or wellbeing

Please complete the online referral form (opens in new window).

Our team can be contacted via email or telephone. Please note that our team members all work part-time and that your request may not be responded to within the same working day.


Tel: 0118 904 6777