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Safety reminder for the winter months

The clocks go back this weekend (Sunday 25 October) and you might be groaning about the prospect of it getting dark so early and the incoming gloomy weather. The debate whether they should go back or not is another matter, but it’s a good time to think again about your children’s safety in the dark winter mornings and evenings.

Lots of serious accidents happen because drivers don’t see another road user until it’s too late. Here are a few tips to make sure your child is as safe as possible in the dark mornings and evenings.

  • Wearing or carrying something bright, or something in a fluorescent material really helps your child stand out and be seen. Yellow and orange are the brightest.
  • Wearing something reflective in the dark, just a small reflective patch of material will shine in a car’s headlight from far away, it will also reflect light from streetlights. Even a piece of reflective ribbon or tape on their school backpacks will make them catch a driver’s eye.
  • If they cycle or use a scooter, make sure they have working lights on the front and back as well as reflectors.
  • Be strict on your child wearing their helmet while riding their boke or scooter. How often do we see them swinging off handlebars: so frustrating isn’t it? Parenting teenagers can be a real challenge, but you just have to be prepared to be unpopular and insist on them wearing one – remember who is the parent. If everyone enforces this with their child, hopefully the helmet swingers will become the minority and conform to peer pressure. Show your child this YouTube video to show the importance of bike helmets. Now what is cool about that?

For useful information on how to teach your child about road safety see this guide from RoSPA. Read more on Child Safety here.


About the author

Julia is a Professional Development Lead for School Nursing and Kirstie is Professional Development Lead for Health Visiting and Infant Feeding Lead