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Collecting a prescription

When a prescription is ready for collection, the family will be contacted and an administrator will confirm the place, date and time for collection. Prescription collection arrangements may vary: they could be handed out through a screen, a window, at the front entrance or you may be asked to remain in the car and the prescription will be brought out. This will be explained when the administrator books the appointment.

  • Please arrive on time as this is an important part of reducing any risks to families and staff.
  • Prescriptions must be collected by the parent/carer or a named representative (who must be 18 years old or older).
  • The person collecting the prescription must not have any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • If the parent/carer is unable to collect the prescription (because they are unwell) please give the administrator the name of the person who will be collecting the prescription instead. They must know the child/young person’s date of birth to be able to collect it.
  • Please can the person collecting the prescription bring their own pen to sign to confirm they have collected the prescription.
  • The person collecting the prescription may need to go to a different base. If so, they’ll be informed where.
  • If collecting inside a building, clear instructions will always be given.

Please follow all the guidance given by the administrator when booking an appointment and collecting a prescription.