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Youth Offending Services

Our Youth Offending Services (YOS) and Youth Offending Teams (YOT) work with young people who have offended, or who are at risk of offending or re-offending. We also support parents, and victims of youth crime.

Our teams are made up of social workers, police officers, health workers, education workers, restorative justice youth workers, parenting workers and probation services. Each local authority has its own team.

All young people who work with us get advice and support from the health workers in their team, if they need it.

The health workers available are different in each local authority but the team generally includes:

  • Nurses
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) specialists
  • Speech and language therapists

If your child’s youth offending team or youth offending service doesn’t have any of those health workers on the team, please contact our Health Hub. We might be able to offer you an appointment at a clinic for assessment and advice, or an appointment in school if your child is of school age and attends a mainstream local authority school.

If your child is currently working with our youth offending teams and you’re concerned about their physical or mental health, please speak to their case worker or contact our Health Hub on 0300 365 1234 (calls charged at local rate).