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About our therapy services (CYPIT)

We support you and your children (up to the age of 19) with occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and speech and language therapy to help you achieve the outcomes you want.

Wherever possible, the work of our team will continue although, in some cases, not in the way you may be used to.  

Until further notice, we’re stopping all non urgent face to face appointments. We may offer some appointments over the phone or by video consultation. A member of the team will contact you to decide on the right arrangements for you. There is no need to contact us.

All speech and language therapy drop-in clinics have been suspended across Berkshire until further notice.       

If you were intending to come along to a Speech and Language Therapy Drop-in clinic during this time as you have a concern or need advice and would like to speak to a speech and language therapist, please send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Slough –


Reading –

West Berkshire (Newbury) –

Returning to school and PPE

As more children return to school, Berkshire Healthcare will be working to ensure our teams can support school staff and the children and young people at school. 

We need to ensure the safety of the children, the school staff, as well as our own staff, especially when considering we provide services across a number of different schools. To enable this, our staff will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment [PPE] when they come into the school.

Wearing PPE, carrying out careful hand hygiene and socially distancing where possible is part of our infection, prevention and control strategy, and will help to protect children and school staff and reduce the chance of spreading infections. 

The PPE they wear will consist of a face mask, gloves and apron. This will be changed when moving between class bubbles and when having direct contact with an individual child. Staff may wear additional items of PPE such as goggles, specialist masks or gowns if they are unable to socially distance or if they need to carry out an intervention. 

We recognise that our usage of PPE maybe different to that advised within the schools, but this is because we are travelling between schools and hope you can appreciate that we are aiming to maintain the utmost safety for all.


Our therapists take into account the specific needs of you and your child.

We ask you about the difficulties they’re having, and how they impact your daily lives. We then work with you to agree practical and realistic aims, and decide how we’ll work together to reach them.

Our therapy teams work together with your family, education staff and other professionals to set and reach goals that are important for your child.

As well as providing one-to-one or group therapy for your child, we can:

  • Provide training and advice for parents/carers and other people supporting your child
  • Design programmes of activities
  • Recommend specialist equipment if it’s needed

Occupational therapy

We help children and young people perform everyday activities, become as independent as possible, and interact with others and the world around them.

The children who use our service find things like dressing, feeding, handwriting, socialising and play difficult. This could be due to a problem with their fine motor skills, co-ordination skills, perception skills and/or sensory processing (the ability to make sense of the world around them). We also provide advice, and recommendations for equipment such as splints, sensory strategies, adapted cutlery, writing aids, specialist seating and switches.


Our specialists assess and treat children and young people who have difficulties that affect their movement and physical development. 

We work with you and your child to achieve goals that are functional, meaningful and important for your child. Our specialists help to develop gross motor skills, and provide advice on postural needs, mobility (including walking) and specialist equipment such as seating, standing equipment, mobility aids and splints.

Speech and language therapy

We work with children and young people who have difficulties with speech, language or communication difficulties and their families to develop the skills they need to learn, play, say what they want, need and think and socialise with others.  In some cases, speech and language therapists also work with children experiencing eating and drinking difficulties.

We can support children and young people who find it difficult to produce the sounds needed for clear speech, understand what is being said to them, or express themselves using the right words and sentences.

We can also help with social communication skills and interacting with others, as well as specific conditions such as stammering or hearing impairment.


There are different referral criteria depending on which service you require so it is important that you read the referral criteria before contacting us, so that we can be sure your enquiry is directed to the right place.

As well as the services offered by our therapy teams, there are alternative services and groups running in your local area. These are good sources of information and ideas to help you support your child’s development, especially in the early years. These are likely to include your child’s nursery, local children’s centre or local library. Take a look at the Local Offer for your area.