Autism Assessment Team

We can assess your child if they’re suspected of being on the autistic spectrum and are aged between one and 17½ years in West Berkshire, and five and 17½ years in East Berkshire.

Our team is made up of speech and language therapists, psychologists, community paediatricians (West Berkshire), specialist mental health practitioners, specialist nurses, assistant psychologists and administrators.

Initial questionnaire

Once we receive a referral for an autism assessment, we’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire about your child as an initial screening process. This must be returned within three weeks.

If your returned questionnaire doesn’t suggest autism, our health hub team will get in touch with you to discuss signposting to other services.

If, based on the questionnaire, a referral is accepted, we’ll send you information about support available prior to assessment, as well as letters to take to your child’s school to provide information about helpful strategies, current waiting times and information on workshops you may like to attend.

Between questionnaire and assessment

We provide a support helpline three afternoons a week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) for parents and carers whose child is on the waiting list for assessment.

We also offer support and help 24 hours a day through our online support network.

We’ll assess your child as soon as possible. But, although waiting times are reducing, there may still be a wait of up to 18 months for assessment.

Please click on the following link to watch a video on 'what to expect in an assessment.'

After assessment

After the assessment, we’ll provide a detailed report, whether your child has been diagnosed with autism or not. This report will contain recommendations for supporting your child both at home and in school.

We won’t need to see them again after the assessment, but we will tell you about support services you can contact. We’ll also decide whether they need to be referred for any other kind of assessment.

Our team only makes assessments. Once an assessment is complete, you’ll be given information about support available at home and at school. This includes information on autism-specific parenting workshops and groups in the area, and access to specialist advisory teachers where possible. You’ll also be invited to join an online support network for parents and carers.

Ideally, referrals should come from professionals that know the child well, such as their teacher, special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCO) or health visitor.

Please read our referral criteria carefully before you complete our online referral form.

If your referral is urgent, please phone 0300 365 1234.

You can find additional support online by visiting:


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