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The Health Bus

We have launched our very first Health Bus to bring our services direct to your community. 

The bus features state of the art facilities and a ramp to allow easier access for wheelchair users and those with mobility issues. There's a private curtained area for people wishing to speak to a clinician in confidence, or for privacy to observe a feed.

Throughout Autumn 2022, we delivered immunisation services to school-aged children across Berkshire. Our School-Aged Immunisation Team were on hand with information on immunisations, particularly flu vaccines. We helped people complete consent forms for their child, and there was a translation service available. We also offered children and young people of primary school age a flu vaccine on board, and other vaccines for up to 18 year olds.

Speech and Language Therapy workshops on the Health Bus

Our Early Years team are pleased to offer workshops covering early language development. They are designed for parents and carers and those working within early years settings. In September the workshop will be running live from the Health Bus. People can either attend in person, or join us online.

Topics covered include encouraging your child to pay attention to you and use their words to communicate, increasing your child's number of words, and how we can use gestures, objects and pictures to support early language development. 


Please see the Speech and Language Therapy page for more information on the sessions and how to register.