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About our Specialist Children's Services

We provide care and support for children and young people (up to 19 years old) with complex health needs and learning difficulties. We provide respite care, community paediatricians and specialist nursing services.

Our staff are trained and qualified to work with children, and are required to continue on-going training and development. Our service is registered with the Care Quality Commission and meets all required standards.

Our community paediatrician team provides medical advice, assessments, diagnosis and treatment for children and young people in Berkshire up to age 18 (or 19, if still in full time education).

We offer respite care for your child, providing a break for you and the rest of your family.

We also provide nursing services for children and young people with acute and complex health nursing needs across Berkshire.

Our specialist dietitians offer advice on feeding and nutrition for children who might not be able to eat all the nutrients they need. We support children who need to be fed through a tube, and families who need advice about supplementing the food their child takes in through their mouth (orally) to ensure they grow properly.

Visit our pages on community paediatricians, respite carechildren’s community nursing, and nutrition and dietetics for details on how to access the service that you require.