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Keeping active

There are lots of health benefits of regular exercise for children and young people, such as improving fitness, posture and balance, and encouraging healthy growth and development.  

Here are 26 activities, one for each letter of the alphabet. Create a workout by following the exercises listed by each of the letters in your child or young person’s name!  

A: Aeroplanes. Lie on tummy and lift head and arms to fly like an aeroplane. Hold for 10 seconds.  

B: Bear walking. Set out a start and finish point. Walk like a bear from start to finish, on hands and feet. 

C: Crawling. Set out a start and finish point. Crawl on hands and knees between the two points.  

D: Crab walking. Sit on the floor with hands on the floor behind and knees bent so feet are on the floor in front. Lift bottom and try to walk in different directions  

E: Step-ups. Step on and off a small step 10 times. Hold a rail if needed.  

F: Jump forwards 5 times. 

G: Jump backwards 5 times. 

H: Hopscotch. Jump feet apart using both feet, then jump feet together, progress to hopping rather than feet together.  

I: Standing, throw balls and beanbags into a large bucket. Try and get 5 objects in. Make it harder by moving the bucket further away. 

J: Jump on the spot 10 times.  

K: Kick a ball at a goal, this could be made with objects you have with you eg clothing, shoes or even drinks bottles. See if you can get 5 goals in, and make the goal post smaller by bringing the objects closer to make it harder.  

L: Kick a ball to and from a partner, try and stop the ball with your foot before kicking it back. 

M: March on the spot for 30 seconds.

N: Skipping. Set out a start and finish point and skip between the two points. If skipping is difficult, gallop. 

O: Stepping stones. Make your own out of card or paper. Vary the distance apart that you place them. See if you can step different directions. 

P: Bounce a ball and catch it on your own. Try and do 5 in a row. 

Q: Bounce and catch with a partner. Try and do 10 in a row, 5 catches each. 

R: Roll a ball at a goal made from shoes or other objects. Try and get 5 goals. Make the goal smaller to make it more challenging. 

S: Star jumps 3 times. 

T: Walk along a line on the floor, such as a chalk line outside or a piece of string.

U: Stand on one leg for as long as you can. If it’s difficult put the lifted leg on a ball or a small step. 

V: Walk on your knees forwards, backwards and side to side. Make it harder by balancing a bean bag on your head.  

W: Wall push ups. Stand near a wall with feet shoulder-width apart and hands on the wall. Slowly take nose to wall by bending arms and return to starting position. Repeat 5 times.   

X: Make a bridge with body. Lie on back with knees bent and feet flat on floor, lift bottom to make a bridge. Repeat 5 times or make it fun and pass a ball under your bottom and around your tummy 5 times. 

Y: Human footballs. Lie on back, bring knees to chest and cross arms. Lift head to make a human ball. Hold for 10 seconds. 

Z: Half high kneeling. Try and balance in kneeling with one leg in front, as if to stand up from the floor. In this position throw objects at a target eg a bin, and see if you can get 5 in.  

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