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International Stammering Awareness Day

October 22nd is International Stammering Awareness Day.

The theme in 2023 is ‘One Size Does NOT Fit All’. It's a really important topic, which helps us to recognise that everyone who stammers has different needs and circumstances. There is no single approach that is suitable for everyone, and that everyone will have a different way to manage their own stammer. 

Here are some facts about stammering that you may not know:

  • Stammering most commonly starts between the ages of 2-5.
  • Around 8% of children go through a period of stammering in early childhood.
  • At least 1% of adults stammer.
  • Parents do not cause stammering.
  • Stammering is not caused by children learning to speak more than one language.
  • People do not stammer because they are nervous or anxious. However, anxiety can develop from the possibility of receiving a negative reactions from other people.

Top tips for supporting a child who stammers:

What is the best thing to do if someone close to you stammers? Can you and should you help them? How can you make them feel supported? Here are some tips from our speech and language therapists:

  • Slow down your own rate of talking and use pauses, rather than telling your child to slow down or take a deep breath.
  • Let your child finish their sentences in their own time, rather than finishing their words or sentences for them.
  • Balance comments with questions. Asking questions can mean a child feels under pressure to respond. When asking questions, make sure you ask one question at time, giving them time to respond.
  • Show your child you are listening by turning to face them and give them natural eye contact.
  • Have one-on-one time, five minutes every day, with your child, where they aren’t competing for attention with tasks or other family members.

For more information, check out the following sites: