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Sun and heat safety

Babies and children are especially vulnerable in hot weather. Follow our tips below to keep them safe.

Never cover a pram or buggy with blankets, muslins or anything that can stop the air circulating - this can lead to dangerous overheating and increase the risk of SIDS. Use a clip on sunshade or parasol.

Never leave an infant in a closed, parked vehicle.

Protect your baby's skin from sunlight with light coloured clothing and a hat. Use an SPF of 50 and look for the UVA star rating of 4 or 5.

Avoid the sun during the hottest times of day - between 11-3.

Be careful of car seat buckles as they can get very hot. Also be careful in parks as any metal slides and swings can get exceptionally hot.

Make sure your baby or child has sufficient fluids. If your baby is under six months and solely breastfeed, breastfeeding on demand should be sufficient. If they are bottle fed, give extra cooled boiled water. If they are over six months old, cold water from the tap.

Try and keep the room they are sleeping in cool, a temperature of 16-20 degrees is ideal. Keep windows open if it is safe to do so, dress them in light clothing to sleep, and use a fan but do not point it directly at the baby.

Feel their temperature by touching their chest or back.

Keep curtains and blinds closed throughout the day, keep lights and unnecessary electrical appliances turned off, and keep doors closed to stop heat from travelling through.

If you are on holiday, make sure if using a travel cot, it is not in direct sunlight or within reach of blind cords or other hazards.

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